Dentist checking for discolored spots in patient's mouth

When to Discuss Color Changes and Spots in the Mouth With Your Dentist

  • Oct 20 2023

As a part of your oral health routine, you should regularly examine the appearance of your mouth. If you see spots or changes in the color of your gums and tongue, you may need to talk to a dentist to ensure you aren’t dealing with an underlying issue. These are some of the most common […]

Dentist cleans tooth canals of patient and removes nerve

Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction: Making the Right Dental Choice

  • Sep 16 2023

Having a persistent toothache can be unbearable. At first, you might consider an extraction because it is the more cost-effective option, and it will provide immediate relief. Removing the tooth will eliminate infection, but it could jeopardize your oral health.  The other option for finding relief is a root canal. This treatment is preferable because […]

woman in a dental chair.

Dental Inlay/Onlay vs. Filling: Which Is the Better Option?

  • Aug 17 2023

Dental inlays/onlays and fillings are both potential options to restore teeth affected by cavities or tooth decay. However, the choice between the two isn’t obvious at first. Each one has benefits in certain situations. When the time comes to restore your tooth, your dentist will carefully assess your needs and recommend the right procedure for […]

Dentist performing a procedure on patient

How Is Halitosis Treated?

  • Jul 6 2023

Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath, and it’s something that many people deal with. While short-term bad breath could just be due to something you ate, consistent bad breath is typically associated with different levels of gum disease. A variety of treatments can be used to deal with gum disease at various stages. […]

dentist marking down symptoms

How Often Should You See Your Dentist for an Oral Cancer Screening?

  • Jun 15 2023

Oral cancer is an incredibly serious condition, but you can achieve the best outcomes through early detection. You should visit your dentist for oral cancer screening to identify signs of the disease as early as possible. However, you may not know how often you should see the dentist for oral cancer screening. What is oral […]

dentist examining patient's teeth

What Causes Gaps to Develop Between Teeth?

  • May 6 2023

Gaps between your teeth can negatively impact the appearance of your smile. They’re often much more noticeable than other minor defects, leading many patients to seek cosmetic dentistry procedures. However, not all gaps are the same — how your gaps developed can determine which treatment is best for you.  With that in mind, here are […]

Woman choosing her veneers

How to Prepare Your Teeth for Porcelain Veneers

  • Apr 18 2023

Veneers can be the solution for many dental issues, and porcelain veneers are one of the most popular types of veneers available. These strong, long-lasting, and natural-looking veneers can be the right option for many people, but how do you prepare your teeth for them?  Learn more about porcelain veneers and how to prepare for […]

woman flossing

Food Traps: 6 Reasons Why Food Frequently Gets Stuck Between Teeth

  • Mar 16 2023

Everyone experiences the uncomfortable sensation of getting food stuck between their teeth at some point. Some foods, like popcorn kernels, broccoli, and spinach, are more likely than others to remain in your teeth. If you experience this regularly, however, you may have a food trap. Learn more about what can cause a food trap below.  […]

Dental technician at his workplace

Dental Technology: Top Benefits of Digital Crowns

  • Feb 21 2023

Dental crowns are a widely used treatment option for restoring damaged or decayed teeth. Over the past decades, there have been many advancements in how dental crowns are made and placed. Along with new materials and placement methods, the technology used to plan and customize dental crowns has changed as well. What are digital impressions? […]

Woman holding a mouthguard

Dental Issues that a Mouthguard Can Help

  • Feb 6 2023

A great oral hygiene routine and regular dental visits can go a long way toward protecting your oral and overall health, but there are certain instances where other measures may be necessary. For instance, if you suffer from teeth grinding or play contact sports, you may consider using a mouthguard.  Mouthguards can offer added protection […]