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Dentist holding digital crown

What to Expect When Getting a Digital Crown

If you have an upcoming appointment to receive a digital crown, you’re probably curious about what the procedure entails. While the digital crown procedure isn’t overly complicated, there are some aspects of it you’ll want to know about before your appointment. We’ve collected that information in this simple guide. We hope it helps you feel […]

  • Posted on: Jul 20 2022
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Dentist and patient discussing swollen gums and periodontal disease.

7 Surprising Myths About Your Teeth and Dental Care

Oral health is an area that affects everyone, but many patients are in the dark about these common dental myths. Dispelling them and gaining a clearer understanding of how your teeth and dental care work can help you build a better foundation for lifelong oral health. Myth 1: Bright Teeth Are Always Healthy The whiteness […]

  • Posted on: Jun 11 2022
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Woman at a dental office with jaw pain

Common Causes of Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can bring your day to a grinding halt. Life can become much more challenging when everyday activities like eating and speaking are made difficult. There are many potential causes of jaw pain. These are some of the most common causes and how you can approach dealing with them. TMJ Disorder The temporomandibular joint […]

  • Posted on: May 20 2022
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dentist examining patient's teeth

Why Brushing and Flossing Alone Won’t Do the Trick When Treating Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is an infection in the gums. Dentists can treat some related damage and prevent the disease from worsening when they catch and address symptoms early. If you don’t manage your oral health and have early onset and rapid progression of this disease, you may develop periodontitis, which is incurable. […]

  • Posted on: Mar 29 2022
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gum health for woman

Receding Gums: Are You Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard?

Have you noticed that your gum line seems to be farther back on your teeth than it used to be? If you know something looks different about your teeth, but you aren’t sure what it is, it could be receding gums.  A receding gum line is a telltale sign that something is amiss with your […]

  • Posted on: Jan 31 2022
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dentist marking down symptoms

Dental Issues: Important Vs Urgent

How do I know if a dental problem I am having needs to be taken care of immediately?  It’s a rare and extremely fortunate person that has never experienced a toothache. But, there are toothaches and there are TOOTHACHES! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know the difference between one that can wait a […]

  • Posted on: Oct 10 2021
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father and son flossing together.

What Do You Teach Your Kids About Flossing?

If I go for all of my regular dental exams and cleanings do I really have to floss my teeth every day? Life has been rather different during our time spent dealing with COVID. Many of us ended up working at home. Kids, for the most part, stopped going off to school and switched to […]

  • Posted on: Sep 10 2021
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Increasing Popularity of Botox for Men

Is it true that more and more men are getting Botox treatments to reduce facial wrinkles? Is it vain to want to look your best? Is it less than honest to try and adjust your appearance so that the age you look on the outside more closely matches how you feel on the inside?  There […]

  • Posted on: Aug 7 2021
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Soft, Medium, or Hard Bristles?

How do I choose the right toothbrush to help me avoid dental issues and gum damage? We’re all familiar with the phrase “no pain, no gain”. We usually hear it from someone who wants us to do something that we don’t want to do. Benjamin Franklin used the version “there are no gains, without pains”, […]

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2021
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