Bacon-Flavored Dental Floss?

  • May 17 2021

There are so many different kinds of dental floss; how do I choose which one will do the best job?  Bacon-flavored dental floss? Yes, actually, that is a real thing. Not a good idea for everyday flossing, though, based on many of the reviews on Amazon. Seems to be a hit as a gag gift […]

dentist pointing at x-ray of teeth

Time to Move On Your Dental Bucket List

  • Apr 21 2021

How can I decide whether I should choose dental implants or if veneers or dentures would work as well?  It’s been a long year. Thanks to the restrictions put in place to try to slow the spread of COVID-19, life as we normally know it pretty much ceased for the past 12 months. We stopped […]

dentist discussing periodontitis with patient

Periodontitis Linked to Severity of COVID-19?

  • Mar 17 2021

Have new study results found a link between periodontitis and more extreme COVID-19 symptoms? Whether they follow through or not, there aren’t very many who could truthfully claim to not know how important it is to practice good oral hygiene. This includes consistently brushing, flossing, and keeping those regular appointments for dental exams and cleanings. […]

chronic bad breath

Chronic Bad Breath May Be Telling You Something

  • Feb 17 2021

Should I worry if I have bad breath more than just once in a while? Everybody has an occasional bout of bad breath. Spending a fair amount of time wearing a face mask that covers our mouth and nose has made us all far too aware of the potential of having less than sparklingly fresh […]

woman on zoom

“Zoom Face” Increasing Demand for Porcelain Veneers

  • Jan 20 2021

How long can I realistically expect porcelain veneers to last? Life has certainly changed since the arrival of social distancing as a means of preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Whatever your situation, there is a good chance that you have had to cancel plans for trips and vacations and have spent far more time […]

teenager grinding their teeth

Grinding Your Teeth More These Days?

  • Dec 5 2020

Would a mouth guard help prevent me from grinding my teeth during the night? Have you found that you’ve started grinding your teeth in your sleep or doing it more than you have in the past? It appears that you are not alone. Dentists have been seeing an increase in patients displaying damaged crowns and […]

woman with tooth sensitivity

Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

  • Nov 15 2020

What could be causing my teeth to be so sensitive to hot and cold foods and beverages? Tooth sensitivity, also known as dentin hypersensitivity or root sensitivity, affects a large portion of the population at one time or another. It is usually the result of an area of the enamel becoming damaged for some reason […]

man with mask

Do You Think Your Mask Is Causing Your Bad Breath?

  • Oct 8 2020

How come I didn’t realize I had bad breath until I started having to wear a mask when I go out in public? The unpleasantness of having bad breath is certainly not on the same scale as war and famine, but when it comes to our daily lives and social interactions, there is certainly nothing […]

root canal treatment

Root Canals Should Be Cheered, Not Feared

  • Sep 16 2020

What can I do to get over my anxiety about having to have a root canal? You would think that with all of the modern advances and innovations in dental care people would no longer dread going to the dentist. Of course, not everyone does. For many people, they make their appointment and barely give […]

woman flossing

Benefits of Flossing

  • Aug 19 2020

As long as I do a good job on brushing, is it really necessary to floss my teeth every day? When you go in for your regular dental exam there is usually a certain level of uncertainty about what your dentist will find. Will there be any new cavities or gum issues? Is that old […]