Bacon-Flavored Dental Floss?

  • May 17 2021

There are so many different kinds of dental floss; how do I choose which one will do the best job? 

Bacon-flavored dental floss? Yes, actually, that is a real thing. Not a good idea for everyday flossing, though, based on many of the reviews on Amazon. Seems to be a hit as a gag gift for the bacon-lovers in your life but scores far less when it comes to actually using it. 

While you may only see mint-flavored floss on the shelves at your local grocery or drug store, there are lots of different flavors of dental floss out there. Cupcake? Coffee? Pumpkin? Ranch Dressing? Pickle? Any of those appeal to you? 

It might be useful to tempt a youngster with cupcake-flavored floss if it got him or her to be more willing to floss as well as brushing their teeth every day, but I suspect the rest of us will be happy sticking with unflavored floss, or perhaps something minty. Seriously, I like pickles as well as anyone but can you imagine going to bed with the taste of pickle in your mouth? 

Choosing the Right Dental Floss

Pickle versus plain may be momentarily amusing, but there are real considerations to make when choosing a dental floss. Along with brushing and regular exams and cleanings, daily flossing is an extremely important part of good dental hygiene. Plague, which is the sticky coating formed by bacteria and saliva, can quickly build up on areas of your teeth that brushing cannot get to. This can lead to cavities, tooth loss, and gum damage. The simple act of flossing once a day can go a long way to prevent these serious dental issues. 

This is why it is important for you to find a type of dental floss that you are comfortable using. Every day. Fortunately, you have a variety to choose from. Some of the most popular include:

  • Unwaxed floss – the simplest type is the basic thin nylon floss that easily fits between teeth and does a good job of removing food particles and buildup. On the negative side, it may be prone to breaking or unraveling in really tight spaces.
  • Waxed floss – basically the same as unwaxed but with a light coating of wax, which makes it glide easier and prevent it from so easily breaking. The wax does make it just a little thicker so might be difficult to use in especially tight places. 
  • Dental tape – waxed and unwaxed versions are flatter and wider than standard floss and feel more comfortable for some people. 
  • Polytetrafluorethylene floss (PTFE) – high-tech material that is strong and slides easily 
  • “Super” flosses – pre-cut strands that each have regular floss, spongy floss, and a floss threader with a stiff end. Effective in cleaning braces, bridges, and wide gaps between teeth.
  • Floss picks – a small tool with a curved end holding a section of floss. Can be easier to get to hard-to-reach areas in the back of the mouth.
  • Electric flosser – often called a water flosser or waterpik, this uses water pressure to remove food particles and plaque. Can be easier for those with braces. 

Which of these types of dental floss is the best choice for you? There’s really only one obvious answer; the one that you will use every day. 

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