Time to Move On Your Dental Bucket List

  • Apr 21 2021

How can I decide whether I should choose dental implants or if veneers or dentures would work as well? 

It’s been a long year. Thanks to the restrictions put in place to try to slow the spread of COVID-19, life as we normally know it pretty much ceased for the past 12 months. We stopped going out to eat or attending functions. A lot of us ended up working at home and barely leaving the house other than a quick trip to the grocery store or to pick up take-out. 

One thing that was particularly difficult was keeping health-related appointments, although many healthcare providers, including dentists, went to herculean efforts to provide a safe environment for their patients. 

Now, there appears to be light at the end of the COVID tunnel. Soon we should be able to go back to something approaching normality and we all have lists of the things that we most want to start doing again. For many, this has been especially difficult financially. But, for others, not being able to do anything actually saved them money and they now have a bit extra to spend. Even many of those who have struggled are expecting stimulus checks. 

Lots of folks are looking at that bucket list of things they have been wanting to do but weren’t quite ready to spend the money. If dental implants are on your list, now may be the day you’ve been waiting for!

Benefits of Dental Implants

Forced isolation has been difficult in more ways than simply torpedoing our social lives. Living in sweat pants for a year has allowed way too many of us to let ourselves go a bit. It may be somewhat anxiety-inducing to think about re-entering the world carrying a few extra pounds, but it’s doubtful that anyone would pay much attention if, at the same time, we greet them with a brand new, beautiful smile.  

Let’s be honest, there’s hardly anything that makes us feel better about ourselves than having the freedom to smile without being self-conscious about the condition of our teeth. For those blessed with the genes that gave them near-perfect teeth, minor issues can be taken care of with caps and veneers. For many others, though, the best way to get that full-mouth, gorgeous smile is with implants.

Some of the other advantages to implants include:

  • Appearance – it’s not often that the replacement is better than the original but implants often look better than the natural teeth, even when they were at their best.
  • Embarrassment-free – dentures always come with the possibility of slipping while speaking or eating.
  • Comfort – implants become a part of you, avoiding all of the discomfort and hassle associated with dentures or bridges.
  • Convenience – no requirements for removal, overnight storage, special adhesives, or cleaning solutions.
  • Eat whatever you want –Anything you would eat with your natural teeth is okay for your implants.

Have implants been on your Dental Bucket List? Now could be the perfect time to make that happen! 

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