What Is Zoom Laser Bleaching?

  • Jul 8 2020

Can laser bleaching really make a difference when it comes to teeth whitening?

Marilyn Monroe once said, “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” Unfortunately, not everyone’s smile matches that of one of the most famous and beautiful stars of all time. 

Everyone knows how important an attractive smile is. This is just as true for men as it is for women. It’s one of the very first things anyone notices and plays a huge role in that all-important first impression. It sets the tone when you walk into a room, whether that room is filled with family and friends or a potential employer about to make an assessment that could change your life. 

We communicate in many ways and pick up non-verbal cues. How comfortable you are with your smile affects how you relate to the world. This can make the difference between being perceived as open and friendly or reserved, even aloof. The sad part for people who are embarrassed by teeth that are discolored is that never feeling free to smile often ends up sending others the wrong message. 

Cause of Tooth Staining and Discoloration

There are a lot of things that contribute to staining and discoloration. One of the simplest and most common is the loss of the outer layer of white enamel from aging. Some of the other more common causes include:

  • Foods – fruits and vegetables are high on the list
  • Beverages – coffee, wine and colas especially
  • Tobacco – significant cause of staining
  • Poor dental hygiene 
  • Disease 
  • Chemotherapy and radiation
  • Medications and drugs 
  • Genetics
  • Environmental toxins
  • Trauma

Laser Bleaching Can Give You a Smile You’ll Want Everyone to See

The good news is that there are ways to whiten teeth that are both safe and effective. There are a wide variety of products available to purchase at your local drug store and then do on your own at home. Some, naturally, are better than others. But, even the better ones will still fall far short of those used in your dentist’s office.

Hydrogen peroxide is a major component of the whitening process. Over-the-counter kits may have a concentration of somewhere between 7 to 10 percent hydrogen peroxide, while what your dentist uses will be closer to between 25 and 35 percent. 

In addition to being able to use stronger concentrations of chemicals for whitening, laser-assisted bleaching done by your dental professional has greatly improved the effectiveness of the treatment, while at the same time reducing the amount of time required. 

What Is Zoom Laser Bleaching

Zoom Laser Bleaching is a very popular in-office whitening process currently being used worldwide to combat tooth discoloration and lighten the enamel and dentin. The bleaching gel used in the process contains free radicals, which act on the stains in the enamel. The laser speeds up the process of releasing the free radicals, making the process more effective and reducing the amount of time that it takes. 

While not all patients see the same results, most end up with improvements that are 6 to 10 shades lighter than what they had to begin with. As an added benefit, the process takes an hour or less, hence the name, Zoom!

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