Porcelain Crowns

  • Jul 10 2019

Are there advantages to porcelain crowns over other types of dental crowns?

There are a lot of ways that we can choose to spend our money to improve our appearance and make an impression on the people we meet and interact with. We can shop for the latest and most stylish fashions. Go to the trendiest salons for haircuts and facials. Cosmetic surgery can even be considered to change the shape of a perhaps imperfect nose or lessen the signs of aging. While all of that can make a difference, having a beautiful smile may well be the one factor that does the most to give us the confidence that we are presenting our best selves to the world. 

Our smile does a lot more than simply improve how we look: it communicates our warmth, friendliness and desire to connect with others. This constantly plays out in our interactions with family, friends and those we come in contact with socially, as well as professionally. As a result, dental procedures, like porcelain crowns, are now recognized as necessary for our basic quality of life.

What Is the Purpose of a Dental Crown? 

Dental crowns are caps that are placed over existing teeth or implants. The crown is the part that is visible and will be shaped and colored to match the individual’s natural teeth. Some of the reasons for having a dental crown include:

  • Protecting teeth that are weak, possibly from injury or decay
  • Holding together previously broken, worn or extensively repaired teeth
  • Instances where too much of the original tooth is gone due to decay or injury to be repaired with a filling
  • Supporting a dental bridge
  • Covering a dental implant
  • Restoring the covering of a tooth following a root canal
  • Cosmetic enhancement for a tooth that is discolored or poorly shaped

Initially, while the permanent crown is being constructed in a dental lab, a temporary crown, made in the dental office, will be put in place. These are generally made of stainless steel or some sort of acrylic type material. The materials used for permanent crowns include:

  • Resin: all-resin crowns are less expensive than other choices but they are also weaker and tend to break or wear down more quickly, therefore, they are used as transitional or temporary crowns. 
  • Metal: usually gold, nickel, chromium or palladium. While metals are very durable and long-lasting, the main reason they have lost favor is the color. Today, if metals are used, it will be for molars that are rarely visible.
  • Porcelain fused to metal: usually gold, nickel, chromium or palladium base with porcelain baked on. These are the most common crowns.
  • ALL Porcelain: porcelain/ceramic, lithium disilicate (eMax), Zirconia.  They are today’s most popular choice, especially for front teeth. This is because all-porcelain crowns most closely match the appearance of natural teeth. eMax Porcelain crowns are strong, especially Zirconia crowns that are virtually indestructible. They are long-lasting and are a perfect choice for people with metal allergies.  All-porcelain crowns are extremely versatile and, with proper care, capable of lasting a lifetime.

Due to advancements in dentistry and technology, Digital Crowns, also referred to as a milled crown, is the newest procedure in which we can fabricate an ALL ceramic crown. This process bypasses the need to make a mold in the patient’s mouth, no more bad tasting impression material, and no more gagging. A digital image is created and then transferred to a milling machine where the crown is created. The entire process can be accomplished in one or two visits. While this is not appropriate in every situation, digital crowns are considered to be exceptionally strong and accurate concerning fit and longevity.  At Forest Hills Dentistry, we offer our patients Digital Crowns by scanning the tooth and digitally fabricating a crown.

The value of a beautiful smile is impossible to overestimate. It can truly be life-changing. There are a lot of options available that your dentist can help you consider and choose what is best for you. 

To learn more about dental crowns or if you have questions about any of our services, whether dentistry or aesthetics, Forest Hills Dentistry is dedicated to delivering the highest quality services possible. We offer the latest and most current information and services to our patients with a new state-of-the-art facility in Forest Hills, Queens. Patient comfort, individualized care, and complete satisfaction are our priorities. 

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