Botox or Surgery?

  • Mar 23 2018

How is Botox different from regular plastic surgery?

The world has changed and continues to do so at a breathtaking rate. The list of things that we believed was inevitable and out of our control is rapidly dwindling, and nowhere is that more apparent than in our refusal to accept the limitations and appearance of aging. In February 2013, Fauja Singh completed the 10K Hong Kong marathon at age 101. If you watched the recent Academy Awards, you saw numerous stars in their 70s, 80s and beyond who all looked decades younger. We are living well beyond what was considered the norm of past generations, and we intend to do so with more energy and fewer wrinkles!

Not only women, but men, also, are exploring the latest technologies and innovative methods of looking younger more than ever before. The old days of someone having to drop out of sight to recover from surgical procedures that left them bruised and bandaged for extended periods of time are, for the most part, over. That said, surgery, of any sort, is invasive. The length of the recovery period will depend upon how extensive the procedure is. This is one of the reasons so many are turning to non-surgical options, like Botox.

What Exactly is Botox?

One of the most popular alternatives to cosmetic surgery is Botox, which is a neurotoxin that is produced from Clostridium botulinum. In its natural form, Clostridium botulinum is generally inactive and harmless. However, the organism can change into a form that results in botulism, which can be deadly. It is said that “with Botox, however, the dose makes the poison.” According to Harvard Medical School researcher, Min Dong, “These are the most toxic substances known to man, and they are also the most useful toxins used in medicine right now.”

When a low dose of Botox is injected under the skin, it reduces or smooths out wrinkles and lines, generally on the face or neck, by immobilizing the muscles near the point of injection. What is actually happening is that communication between the nerves and muscles is being blocked, and the signal to contract is never received. This results in a more relaxed, smooth and youthful appearance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Botox Compared to Cosmetic Surgery

As with most things in life, there are pros and cons when comparing the use of Botox with surgical procedures, like facelifts and various other lifts and tucks. Surgery can treat issues that cannot be treated with injections and are much longer lasting, possibly 10 years or even more. However, it is surgery, which always comes with a risk, including those associated with anesthesia. Recovery time is definitely a factor, and there will be at least some bruising and swelling. This may require time away from work.

Botox is minimally invasive. It is also quick, usually requiring no more than 15 minutes. It is often referred to as “the lunchtime facelift” because someone could literally have it done on their lunchbreak and have enough time to grab a sandwich before returning to work. The one drawback to Botox is that, while it does last for several months, it is temporary. Many individuals choose to use Botox to see how well they like the results before committing to the more permanent surgical option and others simply have the injection process repeated.

Whichever route you choose, the most important part of your decision is to consult with a healthcare practitioner who is highly skilled and experienced. Use your initial consultation time to address your concerns and make the most informed decision that you can.

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