Administering Botox Requires Training and Experience

  • Feb 27 2019

Does it make a difference where I go to get my Botox injections?

Increased life expectancy and vastly improved technology have combined to create a boom in the demand for anti-aging procedures. While more traditional cosmetic surgery, like facelifts and nose reshaping procedures, are continuing to experience ever higher demand, minimally-invasive alternatives, such as Botox, have shown a 200% increase in popularity since the year 2000.

Botox, which is perhaps the most well-known non-surgical alternative, is a naturally occurring protein that is injected under the skin to remove or diminish lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscles around them. The paradox associated with this seemingly simple and harmless procedure lies in the fact that Botox is actually a neurotoxin that is derived from Clostridium botulinum. Normally harmless, if Clostridium botulinum is stored in an environment lacking oxygen, it can turn into botulism, which is often deadly in large quantities.

Botox injections have become so common and so popular that there is a tendency to forget that there are risks and, most importantly, that these procedures should only be performed by an experienced physician. While most patients are more than pleased with the results, there is always a very small  potential complications and side effects. Some of these include:

  • Pain at injection site or headache
  • Bruising
  • Swelling (temporary)
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Droopy eyelids
  • Misshapen eyebrows
  • Dry eyes or excessive tearing


Used in extremely low and closely regulated doses, Botox can not only drop years off of someone’s appearance, it is also successfully used to treat a variety of conditions. The more common of these include:

  • Eye twitching — can reduce or relieve the muscle contractions that cause twitching around the eyes.
  • Lazy eye — may help restore the balance in the muscles that position the eyes.
  • Cervical dystonia — this is a painful condition caused by neck muscles involuntarily contracting. Botox can lessen those contractions.
  • Cerebral palsy — this and other neurological conditions that involve overly contracted muscles can be relieved with Botox injections.
  • Excessive sweating — also known as hyperhidrosis. Using Botox injections to block the sweat gland nerves that are being over-triggered can help.
  • Migraine — Botox has proven to reduce frequency of chronic migraines.
  • Urinary incontinence — Botox may help with incontinence resulting from an overactive bladder.

While the results of Botox are temporary and typically need to be boosted after three to six months, they are minimally invasive, quick enough to have done during a lunch break and require relatively little healing time. It is not surprising that so many people are excited about a procedure that almost instantly smooths out wrinkles and makes those pesky age lines disappear. There is a lot to be said for regaining a more relaxed and youthful appearance. For many, this makes a significant difference in their confidence level and improves quality of life.

The most important factor when considering Botox injections is to make sure that you consult with a highly trained and skilled licensed and Botox certified professional. Not only will this insure the quality of your treatment but an experienced doctor will be able to guide you in choosing the procedure that will be the best for your particular situation.

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